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All our stylists are mainland-trained and active in keeping up with current trends and fashions. Make an appointment with confidence knowing that whomever your stylist is, you’ll be receiving the best cut (and color!) on Kauai. We are consistently rated as the best color on Kauai.



Annmarie has been cutting hair for 14 years. Often mistaken for Pink, she is one kickin’ stylist. On her off time she enjoys eating cotton candy and holding Tupperware parties. Sometimes at the same time. Her favorite styles are cutting edge and funky.
Favorite Song: Love Me Tender
Favorite Food: cotton candy!
Favorite Color: hot pink
Favorite Celebrity: Angelina Jolie


Rick is married to Annmarie and has been a stylist since 1654. Yes, he’s a vampire. As such, his styles tend toward the dark and gloomy with a tinge of ferocity and a touch of the melancholy. Rick plays bass in a local band and can often be found chilling out while listening to his favorite tunes.
Favorite Song: anything by Vampire Weekend
Favorite Food: blood sausage (just kidding – it’s pizza)
Favorite Color: burgundy
Favorite Celebrity: David Beckham


Annelise is another one of our master stylists. If you’re looking for an exacting cut or precise color, book her. More info coming soon.
Favorite Song: Hey There Delilah
Favorite Food: Rocky Road ice cream
Favorite Color: purple
Favorite Celebrity: Emily Blunt
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Randy is one of our awesome barbers and a clipper phenom. He’s known for his incredible shaving techniques and can do just about any custom design you can dream up. Come in today and get that hair of yours shaved into something awesome!
Favorite Song: Say Something
Favorite Food: Bubba’s Burgers
Favorite Color: blue
Favorite Celebrity: Bradley Cooper
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Helping people look and feel their best is what Jamie’s passionate about, whether it’s a funky razor cut or an elegant updo. She is also sensitive to the challenges that hair loss and thinning hair brings and can provide professional options to make you look fabulous. Licensed cosmetologist in Indiana in 1999 and Hawaii in 2017. Certified with Cinderella Hair Extensions 2013 & Vogue Pearl Extension and Hair Loss Techniques 2016.
Facebook: @boholoxsalon
Instagram: @jamielongenecker_hairstylist
Favorite Song: Barracuda
Favorite Food: Cheesecake
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Celebrity: The Rock
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(808) 346-5672

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